Mongoose MBSW4 blind spot monitoring system is a perfect solution to enhance your driving safety on the road.

Unlike some other products that only have 2 sensors at rear, original Mongoose blind side warning systems includes 4 sensors (2 to be fitted at the front, and 2 - at rear). This is done so in order to prefent false alerts from obstacles being approached from the front (e.g. cars going in opposite direction in their own lane, pedestrians or cyclists, roadworks signage, drive fences or hedges etc).

How it works:

- the system monitors rear side blind spots on right and left sides

- if there is a vehicle coming into your rear blind spot, the warning LED will light up (LED are fitted inside the car near the door mirrors)

- LED will start flashing if you indicate a turn or lane change when there is another vehicle in your blind spot

- the warnings and allerts are of great help when changing lanes in poor visibility conditions (e.g. fog, rain, night time) or with misted mirrors


The set contains:

- 4 sensors (2 front, 2 rear)

- 2 LED warning lights (to be fitted at each side)

- warning buzzer (to be fitted under the dashboard)

- control module



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John Bennell on 10th Aug 2019

Hi The item has not being installed at this stage Thanks John