This kit includes 2 high-quality window shades for rear doors – 1 for rear left door and 1 for rear right door.

These window shades are custom designed to fit a specific vehicle make and model, the frames are molded for a perfect fit on rear side windows.
Key features:
- shades are made of high-quality heat resistant mesh
- see-through mesh creates shade and filters UV light
- metal frames precisely follow the contours of the window
- built-in magnets for fast and easy install
- strong magnets will keep the shades in place when the windows are down, even at high speed

Your benefits:
- they provide shade and sun protection in the car for the better comfort of your passengers
- they will keep your baby travelling in the car protected from sunlight and heat
- they prevent increase of interior temperature
- they provide protection from dust and keep bugs out
- they absorb blasts of wind when driving

Current Stock:
100.0 (cm)
40.0 (cm)
3.0 (cm)

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