This high quality bonnet protector is designed for Subaru Impreza 4th generation (model years 2012-2016) and XV model (model years 2011-2017). This product is NOT compatible with WRX model.


The set includes bonnet protector and all required fittings (an illustrated installation guide also comes with the set).


This aftermarket accessory is made of premium grade acrylic about 3mm thick  - this material is light weight and features very good resistance to cracking and sunlight. It is used to protect the bonnet of your vehicle from scratches and light damage that may be caused by small pebble or stone chips and road debris. It also improves the aerodynamic quality of a vehicle and adds a sleeky look to the car.

This bonnet protector comes in tinted black colour.

Easy to install – all fittings and installation guide provided.

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