These weathershields are as good and functional as our other visors - but they come in various colours like no other! We range visors in red and blue colour, and others may be available on request.

These slim line weathershields will keep the wind and weather out while letting the fresh air in and completing your vehicle's look with subtle style and elegance. Made of high quality organic glass that is light weight and durable - you can be sure it will not melt under the Australian sun. Our material is more transparent than most other acrylic but at the same time it filters UV light.

The weathershields are 7cm wide and ~2mm thick, and they can be easily fitted without any special hardware required.

They are stick-on type and are fitted on the door frames using the 3M automotive grade adhesive tape that comes with each set - this brand is holding leading position on the market of adhesive materials and will ensure superior stick-on quality and durability.

Available in two and four piece sets depending upon the vehicle's make and model (you will normally get as many pieces in the set as many doors there are in your vehicle).

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