This set will fit Mercedes Benz X Class model, all vehicle versions released to date (model years - 2018 to present).


These slim line weathershields will keep the wind and weather out while letting the fresh air in and completing your vehicle's look with subtle style and elegance. Made of high quality organic glass that is light weight and durable - you can be sure it will not melt under the Australian sun. Our material is more transparent than most other acrylic but at the same time it filters UV light.


Why use weathershields:
-    Enhance your comfort when driving – roll down your windows and enjoy more fresh air and less rain drops inside as well as less wind noise when driving with open windows
-    Pull stale air out – crack the windows slightly when parked and keep the heat under control
-    Add style to your exterior – complete your vehicle’s look with understated elegance


What’s more:
-    100% brand new and custom molded for a perfect fit on your specific make and model
-    Slim and sleek design with extended width 9cm wide for superior protection
-    Designed to optimise air circulation and reduce glare and window fogging
-    Manufactured from high quality long lasting, high impact acrylic 2mm thick (just imagine – our supplier is sourcing raw materials directly from a long established company with 80 years of experience in chemical industry that also supplies materials for automotive, aircraft and space industry!)
-    Easy to install with included genuine 3M adhesive
-    Come in sets of 4 parts
-    Each set is hand inspected for perfection
-    Thoroughly packaged to ensure they make their way safely to you


Installation guide included in the set (you can also check our web site for an illustrated installation guide or video).

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